Workers Unite!

Most of us are in the working class, we are not the employer class and yet even though we are the vast majority, we have very little or no say about anything at our work from how much we are paid to what is done with the profit or how we source materials.

That must change.

This website is intended to offer some (some, but obviously not all) info on how to make our lives and our world a better place.

Below you will find a few resources I would suggest you visit and read up on but before then please let me add that we MUST be willing to talk with and stand with others that we may not align with completely
….. because no one aligns with anyone else completely!
Along with the fact that if you only stand with those you agree with on most things you will be standing in a VERY small and powerless group.
That is why those in power encourage us to distance ourselves and divide ourselves from each other.
Standing with someone for a common goal does not mean you are endorsing everything they believe.

Again, this list below is not going to be complete, but will help a lot.
Read up and research on your own also.

1) Worker Co-Ops (where YOU the workers own the business) are the best way to have as much power as possible over what your job is, what say you have and so forth.
Democracy At Work with Professor Richard Wolff has a lot of info, books and videos about worker co-ops and more, please go there and check out as much as you can.
2) Unions that are WORKER LED, NOT UNION BOSS LED are the 2nd best to having a Worker Co-Op.
You want to be informed on the benefits and risks involved and have a thought out, planned out approach to starting a union if you decide to do so.
Read up.
— Workers Strike Back is an independent, rank-and-file campaign organizing in our workplaces and on the streets against the bosses and their political servants.
— A good WORKER LED union with resources to start one is Industrial Workers of the World
3) Strikes and worker shut down/stoppages can be effective and many are covered at Payday Report.

If you are in a union and for whatever reason (often it’s union boss led as opposed to worker led) and the workers want to strike and they do so without the union voting to strike, that is called a Wildcat Strike.

— There will be more added to this site and you can contact us and suggest additions but what already is listed should help you get started on being informed and knowing what path and how you should proceed in making your work place and the whole world a better place but just please make sure you are informed and do reading not only on what is suggested here.

Please contact us with suggested additions by emailing , just make sure to replace AT with @